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Birding & Float Trips

Extraordinary birds abound in the Litchfield Hills--from the great blue heron to the bald eagle to the northeastern bluebird--and there are plenty of beautiful places from which to view them. You can choose a leisurely float trip down the Housatonic River with binoculars in hand. Or you can opt for a relaxing stroll through preserved woodlands or wetlands. Either way you are sure to enjoy a broad diversity of wildlife amid stunning natural beauty. Of course, you can simply spend an afternoon in our gardens where you will probably spot an American goldfinch, a pilieated woodpecker, a rose-breasted grosbeak or an indigo bunting--among many other birds that visit our grounds regularly. And we promise you (well, almost) that at some point during your stay you will spy a graceful red-tailed hawk circling in the sky above.

The Housatonic River, flowing directly opposite Breadloaf Mountain Lodge, offers a great place to view a wide variety of birds. We are happy to arrange float trips for our guests and can put together packages which cater to every need--including guided tours that will help to make the most of the experience. If dry land holds more appeal, the Sharon Audubon Center (six miles from our property) is a spectacular place to visit. With over 1,100 acres of preserved land and 11 miles of scenic hiking trails, it is a veritable birders' paradise. A wide variety of birds make their home in the mixed forest, meadows, wetlands, ponds and streams of the property and you are free to explore it all. There is also the 4000 acre White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield (20 minutes from Breadloaf Mountain Lodge) where you will find a scenic mix of meadow and wetlands with 35 miles of trails as well as many convenient spots to view wildlife.

Below please find links that offer additional information regarding the many birding opportunities near Breadloaf Mountain Lodge. And remember that we are happy to provide you with local tips in your quest to spot a particular bird, so don't hesitate to ask!

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